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Confucius Institute Icomic Studio


Icomic Studio is a comedy group affiliated to the Office of Confucius Institute of BFSU with an aim to spread traditional Chinese comedy culture. Mainly composed of Chinese and international students of BFSU, it tries to combine traditional and modern elements, as well as domestic and the foreign cultures, so as to show to the world the charm of Chinese comedy.

Icomic creates cross talks, sketches, farces, melodramas and dramas, preparing selected programs for tour shows in overseas BFSU-partner Confucius Institutes. Aiming at “spreading traditional Chinese culture”, it provides for innovative students keen on traditional culture and art a stage to show themselves. Members in Icomic will receive professional training on drama performance and participate in other activities to enrich their professional skills and performance experience. In this way, Icomic is able to cultivate talents in international exchanges for BFSU-partner Confucius Institutes.

Since its establishment, nearly a hundred students have signed up for Icomic, among which 45 undergraduates and postgraduates and 5 international students were chosen through rounds of selections. The Studio consists of three divisions, i.e., Division of Actors, Division of Scriptwriters and Division of Publicity. Every Sunday, classes on performances and script writing will be organized to give them professional training on various aspects.

In 2015, Icomic held two special performances in the Congress Hall of the Arabic Building. Both performances attracted large audience, featuring original cross-talks and cross-talk dramas. Prize winners from CCTV Cross-talk Competitions were invited to join the performance as special guests. To promote this unique art form of the Chinese culture, the Icomic Studio of BFSU Office of Confucius Institutes opened a Wechat account to post original works, art criticism and activity introductions on regular basis. Icomic is trying its best to make itself a platform of comedy exchanges between Chinese and foreign culture, and an innovative platform for BFSU-partner overseas Confucius Institutes.