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The 2th Contemporary Chinese Film Festival Held in CIS


On April 4, 2016, The Confucius Institute in Sofia (CIS) held the Contemporary Chinese Film Festival in the Cinema House in the city center of Sofia, Bulgaria. It was the second time for Bulgaria to hold this Festival since the First Contemporary Chinese Film Festival successfully held last year. With over a year of planning, screening and translation, CIS intended to bring to Bulgaria a wonderful audio-visual feast. All the film tickets were booked up two days before the opening ceremony, and all the seats in the theater were occupied during the Festival.


The Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria Yin Yali, the former Bulgarian Consul General in Shanghai, Madame Irina Beleva, Rector of Bulgarian National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, Prof. Snejina Tankovska, and Dean of the Oriental Language and Cultural Center in Sofia University, Prof. Alexander Fedotoff attended the Opening Ceremony and watched the film. The Opening Ceremony was co-hosted by Andronika Martonova, researcher from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Alexandra Angelova, Bulgarian Secretary of the CIS.


The Festival was launched with The Piano in a Factorya film that reflects the life of ordinary Chinese urban citizens. During the one-week period, 9 films of different genres and styles would be released, including Tuya’s Marriage, the Golden Age, Still Life and The Assassin. All had exerted great influence in China and world in recent years.

Mr. Yin Yali expressed in his opening address his pleasure to see the Contemporary Chinese Film Festival held in the beautiful season of April. According to statistics, Chinese film industry and audience population are developing quickly over the recent years, he wished the Bulgarian audience could feel in those movies the sentiment and joy of the Chinese culture.


“It has always been the mission of CIS to spread Chinese language and culture,” said Ge Zhiqiang, Chinese Director of CIS. “Through movies, also known as the Seventh Art, the audience could resonate with the Chinese culture. The films are selected with an emphasis on a diversity of themes and genres. The aim of the Festival is to present excellent Chinese films to Bulgarian audiences who want to know about China and get a better understanding of the Chinese history, traditional customs, moral values and other aspects.

During the festival, the Film House Theater also presented a picture exhibition entitled Confucius Institute: Bridge of Two Cultures, showing to the local people wonderful moments in the course of CIS’ development and during its cultural activities. Bulgarian National Television and Bulgarian National Radio respectively reported and publicized the Festival in long features before it was started. Local media and Xinhua News Agency also reported the Opening Ceremony through interviews. Many local people expressed their appreciation for CIS to offer such a good opportunity for them to know contemporary Chinese society through watching Chinese films. Thanks to the effort of CIS, the Contemporary Chinese Film Festival has become a beautiful name card of the Chinese culture.