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Training Course of Teaching Chinese as Second Language Based on Video Cases

  1. Completed The First Draft of The Textbook

At present, the first draft of the two parts, the “Methods And Practice of Element-Based Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language” and the “Methods And Practice of Skill-Oriented Teaching Chinese As a Foreign Language”, have been completed, which include nine modules, i.e. teaching of phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, Chinese characters, listening, speaking language, reading and writing as well as comprehensive studies of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, with 180,000 characters.


  1. Content Completed After The Interim Report

(1) The sixth revision of the first draft of the textbook

After discussion with the International Editorial Office of Chinese Language of the branch office of Chinese Publishing House of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), the program team, based on the comments of pre-examination of the publishing house, carried out the fifth revision of the following parts of the textbook, including the “General Introduction of Teaching”, the “Teaching Methods Description” and the “Teaching Cases”, further improving the content, style and form of wording of the two parts, “Element-based Teaching” and “Skill-oriented Teaching”.

(2) Completed the script of the “Video Display” of the textbook

As scheduled, the outline and scripts of the video clips of approximately 30,000 characters have been finished, including about 30 Chinese language teaching cases, with the first intensive revision completed.

  1. Convened Experts’ Review of Drafts

The program team convened experts’ review of drafted textbook. They invited Professor Zhao Jinming and Professor Yang Huiyuan from Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor Chen Fu of Beijing Normal University and Professor Li Quan of Renmin University of China as well as Man Xingyuan, Director of the Chinese Publishing House of FLTRP and Li Caixia, editor of the International Editorial Office. Participants of the review offered concrete and constructive advice on the revision of the scripts and texts of the Training Course of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Based on Video Cases. The texts and scripts of the first draft passed the review of the Chinese teaching experts.

  1. Discussion on The Final Draft

Based on the review and advice offered by the experts in Chinese teaching and publication, members of the program discussed details of the texts and have completed the revision and the final draft of all chapters.