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Government-sponsored Teachers


Government-sponsored Teacher Program

  • Introduction

To promote cultural and educational exchange between China and other countries, and strengthen the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language and provide aid in education, the Ministry of Education of China and Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), in accordance with the agreements for the educational exchange between China and other countries, and considering the demand for teaching Chinese as a foreign language in other countries, have decided to send Chinese language teaching advisors and teachers to the ministries of education, universities, primary and secondary schools in other countries, and the organizer shall be Hanban.

Currently, there are 357 posts for government-sponsored teachers, covering 92 countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. In 2006, 357 teachers were working on these posts.

The application requirements are as follows:

  1. Basic Requirements for government-sponsored teachers:

1.1The applicant shall have Chinese nationality, physically and mentally healthy, and under the age of 50 (yet for those involving non-common used languages, the age limit can be up to 55);

1.2 The applicant shall be decent and well-behaved, and have no criminal negligence record;

1.3 The applicant shall be passionate about popularizing Chinese language to other countries, have strong senses of mission, glory, and responsibility and be conscientious and meticulous in work. Self-discipline and devotion are much desired;

1.4 The applicant shall be competent in teaching, administration and coordination;

1.5 The applicant shall have strong adaptability and be capable of communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds;

1.6 The applicant shall have foreign language proficiency, and be capable of using English or the native language for teaching and communication;

1.7 The applicant shall have Chinese Putonghua proficiency with standard Putonghua pronunciation and with Mandarin test result above Band Two;

1.8 The applicant shall have more than 2 years of experience in teaching and shall have an academic diploma above Bachelor’s degree. The applicantshall be a teacher in service at university, primary or secondary school engaging in the subjects of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, teaching Chinese language, teaching foreign language, or pedagogy. Experiences of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and overseas working experience shall be a plus.

1.9 Those who satisfy the requirements on the teaching post for the government-sponsored teachers.

  1. Application Procedure:

At the beginning of each year, those who satisfy the requirements on selection by the Ministry of Education and on employment conditions for teaching in other countries shall have the opportunity through the recommendation made by Education Department (or Education Commission) of provincial (or municipal) level or through online open recruitment. The teacher can go abroad to take his/her post as scheduled after being selected and interviewed by Hanban, and shall receive the letter of admission from the Ministry of Education. The term is normally two years (calculated from the date of going abroad as a teacher).

  1. Registration:

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