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Chinese Directors


Guidelines for Directors of Confucius Institutes

The Director of a Confucius Institute is the person in charge of the Confucius Institute, responsible for the overall operation and administration of the Institute. Guidelines for Directors of Confucius Institutes aims to facilitate effective completion of Directors’ duties.


Requirements for the Director

  1. Being passionate about work and have a strong sense of mission to promote friendly relations between China and the country where the Institute is located;
  2. Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree or above and served as a long-term employee of the institute;
  3. Foreign directors shall have a sound comprehension of China and should ideally be able to communicate in Chinese in daily live; Chinese directors must have overseas working experience and should be proficient in the languages of the countries where the Confucius Institute is located;
  4. Experienced in teaching and administration;
  5. Being competent in innovation, and capable of organizing events and mobilizing people;
  6. Having a strong ability to conduct public relations and deal effectively with emergencies.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Abiding by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Confucius Institutes;
  2. Having a practical understanding of the capital management regulations of the institute and the “Regulations on the Administration of Confucius Institute Headquarters Funds”;
  3. Drafting development strategy, executive plans for annual projects, implemental efficacy reports, budget proposals, and final financial accounts, etc.;
  4. Drafting regulations for personnel and financial management for the Confucius Institute; taking charge of personnel and financial management;
  5. Establishing and sustaining archive management. The archives shall include relevant agreements, minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, annual plans and reports, important letters, files of students and instructors, registration records of fixed assets and bills, publicity materials, pictures of activities, media coverage reports and stories, etc.;
  6. Designing a variety of curriculum schemes, instituting general regulations for admission, and organizing assessment of teaching and teacher training programs;
  7. Formulating market development schemes;
  8. Organizing Chinese language and culture promotion activities;
  9. Being responsible for reporting to the Confucius Institute Headquarters, submitting work briefings biannually, and reporting major events and their summaries as required by the Headquarters;
  10. Carrying out researches on local language policies and demand for Chinese language instruction;
  11. Communicating and cooperating with local governments, schools, enterprises, organizations, and media, etc.;
  12. Attending the Confucius Institutes Conferences and submitting exchange materials upon request;
  13. Joining the Board of Directors at the Confucius Institute and calling for provisional Board meetings when necessary;
  14. Understanding the operation and functions of different departments within the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and being familiar with the resources of the Headquarters and application procedures for books and teaching materials, instructors and volunteers, HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) test centers, Certificate for International Chinese Language Instructors test centers, Confucius Institute Scholarships, summer and winter camps, expert lecturing groups, and exhibition and performance groups, etc.