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Procedure for Joint Application


Procedures of Jointly Establishing the Confucius Institute/ Confucius Classroom with Beijing Foreign Studies University


  1. Application for the Confucius Institute
    Cooperation with overseas schools, social groups, companies and other organizations to establish the Confucius Institute should meet the Headquarter’s requirement of the overall layout of building Confucius Institutes and should be approved by the Headquarter.
    Overseas applicants should refer to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Confucius Institutes, and submit complete application materials to the Headquarter through the education section of the local Chinese Embassy. Subsequent to the approval from the Headquarter, overseas partners should state their intent to the Headquarters separately or together with Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU).
  2. Preparation for Establishing the Confucius Institute
    After the Headquarter’s approval of the joint establishment, there would be a preparatory stage. Both sides should work out the Agreement on the Establishment of the Confucius Institute, fund management, board organization, selection of Chinese and overseas directors, and location of the proposed institute as soon as possible. The results should be fed back to the Headquarter in time. Subsequent to the Headquarter’s approval, both sides should make specific arrangement for the opening ceremony as soon as possible.

2.1 overseas partners should refer to the templates of the Agreement on the Establishment of the Confucius Institute, and submit the agreement to the Headquarters for approval and signature after negotiation, amendment and resolution on each items with BFSU. Detailed conditions are required, or the overseas partner should sign an implementation agreement to specify the two parties’ respective duty for the cooperation. The opening ceremony cannot be held without the Headquarter’s signing of the agreement.

2.2 The overseas partner should negotiate with BFSU about candidates for Chinese and foreign directors, and the organization of the board and should submit the result to the Headquarter for approval.
2.3 Subsequent to the official designation of Chinese and foreign directors, both sides should negotiate the detailed arrangement for the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute/Classroom, discuss the positioning and development of the Confucius Institute/Classroom, select necessary books from the Headquarter’s catalogue of donated books, and make annual operational plan and financial budget, etc. Arrangement for the opening ceremony should be notified to the Chinese party at least three months in advance, and the invitation should be sent to the Chinese party two months in advance, so that BFSU can send a delegation to the opening ceremony.
2.4 The preparation procedure, from the Headquarter’s official approval to the opening ceremony, should not exceed six months.

  1. Founding of the Confucius Institute
    The opening ceremony marks the founding of the Confucius Institute. Both sides should follow the agreement and the operational plan to form a board, organize courses and activities for the Confucius Institute, and jointly increase the local influence of the Confucius Institute.